Hello, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us on our plans to run a wellbeing retreat for parents of children under 3. It is part of a wider project that we run called HeartWorks. Before you start the short survey that follows, please have a quick look at our website (www.heartworks.co) to see what our work is all about. We really appreciate you taking the time today. Love from Becca and Fan at HeartWorks
What is your name? And where do you live?

How do you spend your days at the moment?

Please read the following marketing copy, we'd love your thoughts:

Calling exhausted parents who want to reconnect with creative careers to #retreatyourself

HeartWorks is putting on a day of rest and recharge just for professional parents of children under 3 this February, in a countryside location 35 mins from Liverpool St station.

By the end of this relaxing day out, you will have:

-Met some like-minded parents
-Gently stretched your body and explored the natural surroundings
-Had some quiet time to reflect and treat yourself
-Learnt some coaching techniques and made some new plans
-Consumed delicious (and nutritious) food and drink
-Treated yourself with kindness
-Had at LEAST one belly laugh
-Created your own essential oil remedy to take home

What are your thoughts and ideas on the above? ( I.e Is this for you? What do you think of the balance of parent/professional focus? How do you find the language? How much alone time vs group work would you expect? How much reflection time vs plans and actions would you want to do? What childcare arrangements would you expect? What would you want to take home? What might entice you to sign up? )

If you were a parent participant, what would you like to get out of a day retreat with HeartWorks? How would you like to feel by the end?

Which day of the week would you expect a retreat to run? What would the ideal start and finish time be for a day retreat?

How many miles would you be prepared to travel for a retreat? Would it feel more or less of a retreat if there is travel outside of London involved?

What is the most you would be willing to pay for a day retreat? How would you like to pay?

What would you expect to happen or be available to you following the retreat?

Thanks so much for your thoughts and feedback so far! What is your email address or best way of contacting you? (Don't worry we promise not to spam you!)

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