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Thanks for your interest in the getaway. We have some questions for you that will help us to learn a bit more about you. The questions are also designed to be helpful to you too. It will take about 10 min to complete. Before we start, can you tell us what organisation you work for? Or your company name?

Awesome. What has interested you about the Social Design Getaway from what you have read or heard so far?

Great thanks. Can you tell us who your (social) design hero is and why?

Nice! And what would make this getaway worthwhile for you? What would you be hoping to come away with?

We'll do our best! This is a pilot and our ticket prices are discounted but we don't want the cost to be at all prohibitive to you. Will you or your company be able to cover the cost? If not, what can you offer in exchange for a discount? (Skills/time etc)

Thanks for that. We'd like to know about more about what brings you here. Can you tell us about the top two challenges you face at the moment in relation to practicing social design?

Thanks for sharing. Almost there! Tell us, what could you offer a community of social sector social designers and innovators and what would you like in return?

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